Going Above and Beyond

Welcome to Youth of Tomorrow where we go above and beyond to ensure that our youth get the best education necessary to prepare themselves for career opportunities. Here we meet the needs of our youth to make sure they are involved in programs that they enjoy. We do not assume that our programs are great for the youth. We ask them what they would consider to be a great educational program then we modify our program to meet their requirements.

We have programs in the Southeast Michigan area and would love to find ways to bring our programs to you.

New Programs

Future All-Stars

Future All-Stars

Future All-Stars will assist in the growth of student-athletes to ensure that their performance off the court mirrors their performance on the court. Future All-Stars incorporates academics, social awareness and community into our program giving youth the needed exposure to be both well-rounded and triumphant on their path to success.


Special Security Agency

The SSA of Tomorrow program is set up to give participants the opportunity to explore the exciting career of a SSA agent. The program will allow students to engage in real life missions, interact with various policy makers and take part in various high class social events.

In the News

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